Monday, July 12, 2010

Ashrama - Four Stage of Hindus Life

According to Hinduism the life of a Hindu is divided into four stages. There are called "Ashramas". The Vedas define a specific purpose for each ashram. In Hidu life every man go through each of these Ashramas (stage). These are Ashramas name given below.

1). The first Ashrama - Brahmacharya
2). The Second Ashrama - Grihasta
3). The Third Ashrama - Vanaprastha
4). The Fourth Ashrama - Sanyasa

Brahmacharya Ashrama -> The first stage or ashram is Brahmacharya, is the student phase of life when the person is supposed to immerse himself in learning under the guidance of a Guru, building up the mind for spiritual knowledge. During this period the person is have to live a celibate life because other activities were thought to have adverse effects on the learning process.

Grihasta Ashrama -> The second asham is Grihasta ashram, is the stage of family life. It begins with marriage and proceeds to raising a family. It involves earning a living through the skills acquired during Brahmacharya ashram. It encourages the enjoyment of a material life. The householders have the responsibility of bringing up their children in the same way that their parents brought them up.

Vanaprastha Ashrama -> The third ashram Vanaprastha, is the retirement stage and gradual detachment from the material world. The person lives with the family, in society but in a withdrawn manner. The man no longer takes part in the commercial activities and the woman leaves the running of the household to her daughter-in-law. People in this ashram play the role of mentors.

Sanyasa Ashrama ->The final ashram is renunciation or Sanyasa. In this ashram person leaves society to spend the remaining part of his or her life in meditation and the contemplation of God in seclusion.


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