Thursday, September 23, 2010

Satya: The Truth of LIE

Everyone in this mean world has been surrounded by their thoughts of well-being; they speak lies and then tend to hide them. Some do so, by a smile on their face and for some tears are the better options. This world is cruel, nothing more or less than that. A cute baby to wrinkling and pale faced granny, ‘lies’ is what we are talking about. Every person is a liar, but some lies are - SATYA, THE TRUTH OF LIE.

I know I am a liar. But what I always speak isn’t always a lie. Sometimes my lies are in the favor of my parents and sometimes they are in the favor of friends. But today I spoke in front of the mirror and felt so reprehensible that I couldn’t stop the one crying inside the mirror. And do you all know one thing, that Yes I have been given a mouth but there are NO APOLOGIES, I lie. “I haven’t been forgiven a single time I lied”. I was Sorry that I disrespected you. I was sorry, that didn’t come that day. I was sorry, that I called you on your phone, when you said, not to call. I was sorry, that I was a tear on your eye. I was sorry, that I was in fear when you cry. I was sorry, when I didn’t live up to your expectations. I was sorry; I didn’t wish you, on your Birthday celebrations. And I am Sorry, that I loved you more than you did, perhaps YOU DID NOT. My lies are not always for a bad motive though they later ought to be so (Oh god, what am I writing? Nail me on the wall). There is always a truth lies behind my lies.

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