Monday, August 30, 2010

10 Names of Lord Krishna: Meaning and Names of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna 10 Names and Meaning: Lord Krishna was the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, took birth for a porpus to kill his maternal uncle Kansa. According to Hidu beliefs Lord Krishan was very lovely, Handsome, Naughty, and very clever boy. In Hindu teals he was very naughty boy in his childhood. He plays many role and kill many demons in his childhood.

Famous Names of Lord Krishna: 10 Different Name of Krishna.

Balgopal (the child Krishna),
Dwarkapati (Lord of Dwarka),
Govinda (One who pleases the Cows and the Nature),
Keshava (One Who Has Long, Black Matted Locks),
Krishna (Dark-Complexioned Lord),
Murlidhar (One Who Holds the Flute),
Shyam (Dark-Complexioned Lord),
Vasudev (All Prevailing Lord )
Achala (Still Lord),
Achyuta (Infallible Lord),


  1. Thank you so much for the clear explanation. It makes me feel calm and relaxed. Lord Krishna