Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Onam 2010 Date: Thiru Onam 2010, Auspicious Festival of Kerala

Onam 2010 Date:- Onam is most popular and biggest festival of Kerala, India. which is also calles Thiru Onam. The Onam or Thiru Onam festival is celebrated in August - September according to Malayalam month Chingam. In 2010 Thiru Onam date is 23 Auguest, Monday. According to earlyer Beliefs, during the four days of onam or Thiru Onam festival, the Asura (demon King) King Mahabali comes to visit the state Kerala. This festival is the welcome to the demon king Mahabali.

Tiru Onam is traditionally a harvest festival. Onam is celebrated for ten days. during the ten day kerala people and children prepare many floral carpet design in front of there house, which is called Ona-Pookkalam and it is welcome preparation for Demon King Mahabali. The preparation for onam being from Atham Nakshatram day. Kerala people held many events and games, and celebrate all the days with many cultural events.


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